Area Of Activity

APA Areas of Activity

On Political Issues:
• Towards an Asian Parliament
• Good Governance
• the Rule of Law and Judicial Empowerment
• Good Parliamentary Practices
• Building Prosperity in Asia through Friendship and Cooperation
• Asian Parliaments and Governments Together for Prosperity in Asia
• Asian Parliaments’ Unwavering Support for the Palestinian People
• Harmonious Development through Democracy

On Social and Cultural Issues:
• Measures to Promote Cultural Diversity and Protect Cultural Heritage in Asia
• Asian Integration through Information and Communication Technology
• Collaboration on Health Equity in Asia
• Asian Parliamentarians Against Corruption
• APA Women Parliamentarians
• Promoting Inter-Faith Dialogue and Harmony among World Religions
• Legal and Legislative Cooperation in Combating the Smuggling of Cultural Items in Asia
• Effective Cooperation in Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking in Asia
• Humanitarian Aid to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza and Myanmar on the Verge of the Humanitarian Catastrophe
• Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers in Asia

On Economic and Sustainable Development Issues:
• the Establishment of an Asian Energy Market
• Environmental Issues
• Financial Affairs: Ensuring Efforts for Economic Growth
• Poverty Eradication
• The Role of APA Parliaments in Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
• Water and Sanitation in Asia for All
• Adopting a Road Map Providing for Measures to Stimulate Green Finance