women speakers of parliament to address global challenges

women speakers of parliament to address global challenges


ABU DHABI – The UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi is gearing up to host the Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament on 12-13 December 2016, in collaboration with Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Themed ‘United for Shaping the Future’, the summit to be held under esteemed patronage and organised by the UAE Federal National Council (Parliament), with the participation of 50 women speakers of parliament representing countries around the world.

The first of its kind in the world, the summit will address political, social, economic, environmental, and demographic issues, as well as political, technological, and economic developments that are poised to transform the world. The event will also discuss the effectiveness of policies, regulations, and social will in facing, or benefiting from, these developments.

In addition, the high level event will shed light on issues pertaining to women empowerment, gender balance, legal and legislative challenges posed by great technological transformations to existing laws and regulations, as well as avoiding and mitigating conflicts to which they might lead. Furthermore, an effort will be made to identify scientific and technological possibilities to overcome pressing issues such as global warming, climate change, water scarcity and low biodiversity.

Already attracting international interest, the summit will convene political leaders, prominent members of the scientific community, businessmen, international organisations representatives, youth and inventors. The event is already setting a benchmark as a leading platform for dialogue to explore and identify meaningful outcomes for high priority global issues. Notably, the panellists will focus on values of tolerance, co-existence, peace, and moderation, in addition to reinforcing the international message embedded in the ‘Abu Dhabi Declaration for Shaping the Future’ that will be released during the final ceremony of the summit.

The Declaration will demonstrate the vision of women speakers of parliament to address issues of global interest. The report will also offer a compilation of the summit’s outcomes and final recommendations to global priorities, reflecting regional and international political, economic, social, and environmental trends.

The ‘Abu Dhabi Declaration for Shaping the Future’ supports the efforts of political and parliamentary organizations in enhancing security and stability, as well as building a better future where the governments and organisations of the world adopt regulations and policies that promote sustainable development, resolve armed conflicts, and mitigate political extremism.

As part of the Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament, a ‘Future Exhibition’ will be held in collaboration with prestigious UAE entities and organisations. The exhibition will aim to stress the importance of having an outlook for the future, supporting scientific research, promoting innovation, and creating an environment that fosters creativity to build smart cities. It will also spotlight success stories of innovation, and showcase young inventors’ latest achievements. The exhibitions will focus on nuclear energy, clean and renewable energy, transportation, communications, technology, education, health, and water.

Furthermore, the summit will address key topics related to the legislative and regulatory role of parliaments. It will also concentrate on the importance of the collective role of women speakers of parliament, and their efforts in addressing current and future obstacles facing quality of life and projects to create sustainable wellbeing around the world.

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