APA Budget Committee Wrapped up its Meeting in Tehran

Over 50 lawmakers from 20 APA Member Parliaments convened here in Tehran this week to deliberate and exchange views in a bid to explore the best payment model based on a desirable scale assessment capable of meeting the annual fund needed by their Organization. 
Gathered here at Hotel Azadi from July 09-12 at the invitation of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, as the APA Vice-President, APA Standing Committee on Budget and Planning provided a valuable opportunity for the participants to express their views on best practices they have experienced as representatives their parliaments.
Chair of the Meeting, Mr. Alizadeh, MP from the Islamic Parliament of Iran also urged the participants to share their insights with due inclusivity on this important issue that constitutes part of their regional and international mandate.
In another development the APA Working Group on Statutory Documents was also invited to hold its second session here in Tehran to synergize the steps for further parliamentary cooperation in the context of revitalization process triggered by the APA Term President, H.E. Mustafa Sentop from Turkiye to give further impetus to the activities and programs of the APA..
The meeting was opened in the morning of Tuesday 11 with a short remarks by Dr. Majidi, the APA Secretary General in presence of the honorable Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran who referred to Asia as a rich continent with fruitful capacities for close cooperation despite cultural diversities existing among the countries of this region. 


  • 13 July 2023
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