Webinar on Women and Family-Based Economy ended its work in Tehran

The online webinar on “Women and Family-Based Economy” ended its work today, March 09, in Tehran under the auspices of the Islamic Parliament of Iran.
Organized jointly by Women Parliamentary Caucus in cooperation with the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Group in the Parliament of Iran, this virtual event sought to address women empowerment and management of the Family.
Coincided with the international Women’s Day, the meeting opened today with the message of Iran’s Parliament Speaker at this critical juncture when the world is grappling with COVID 19 crisis.
Present at this event were MPs, advisors and experts from over 20 APA Member Parliaments who shared their views and experiences on significant multiple roles that women play in different sectors of their societies as half of the world population.
The meeting opened with video messages from Iran’s Parliament Speaker, Ex-IPU President, Ms. Gabriela Cuevas and APA Secretary General.
Madam Asuman Erdogan Head of the APA Delegation in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey(GNAT), addressed the meeting on behalf of the APA President and Speaker of GNAT.
Leader of Women Parliamentary Caucus and Head of the Iran’s APA Group in the Islamic Parliament also addressed in the opening session whose core of address focused on women empowerment as mainstay of family and children education.
The final report of this Webinar will be sent to the APA Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs expected to be held in Tehran on coming July.
  • 09 March 2021
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