Uzbekistan Ambassador to Tehran met with the APA Secretary General

Latest parliamentary developments in the Republic of Uzbekistan was discussed at the meeting between Uzbekistan Ambassador to Tehran and the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Secretary General
At his meeting which took place at the Headquarters of the APA Secretariat in Tehran on Monday, Uzbekistan Ambassador , Honorable Bakhodir Abdullaev touched on latest parliamentary activities and developments in Uzbekistan.

Fruitful exchanges of views were also made between Uzbekistan Ambassador and the APA Secretary General on future cooperation between Parliament of Uzbekistan and Asian Parliamentary Assembly.
Also, APA Secretary General stated that APA Secretariat is ready to develop cooperation with the Parliament of Uzbekistan in various issues of interest.
At the end of this meeting, Ambassador of Uzbekistan submitted a written report on the parliamentary activities of his country which is accessible through the following link.
(Development of parliamentarism in Uzbekistan)
It is to be noted that the APA Secretary General was invited to the Republic of Uzbekistan two years ago as electoral Observer in the parliamentary elections of that country.

  • 22 April 2021
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