The First APA Virtual Meeting calls for global cooperation against COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Solidarity is the only possible respond to contain the COVID-19, says Mrs. Erdogan, Head of the Turkish Delegation to Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA). She made this remark as the Chair of the first APA on-line meeting in Ankara on Thursday
Organized by the Parliament of Turkey, this virtual meeting was APA first experience since the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world.
Mrs. Erdogan also thanked Turkish Health Ministry for their timely action for supply of necessary medical and health services to the infected citizens in cooperation with all the government related medical authorities.
She added that the effective strategy introduced to fight against COVID-19 led to a low mortality rate in Turkey as compared with the estimated corona-related death toll reported in other countries.
On the role of Parliaments in the face of the Pandemic, Mrs. Erdogan stated that Parliaments have a leading role to play at national and international levels to fight against the dreadful virus crisis.
She further thanked the activities of Turkish Parliament in this regard by passing certain important bills in order to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus disease on economic and social life of the people”.
She concluded her address calling for a strong and dedicated international cooperation against this pandemic, as no country is immune from this threat but that this deadly virus can be eradicated through full cooperation and solidarity.
  • 13 July 2020
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