The 13th APA Plenary came to a close with adoption of Antalya Declaration

Delegations representing 27 APA Member Parliaments comprising lawmakers and parliamentary experts along with the representatives of several parliamentary organizations convened in Antalya on the occasion of the 13th APA Plenary to exchange perspective and share their views on various regional and international issues of common interest.

This meeting was held after lapse of three years due to the restrictions imposed in the aftermath of the devastating outbreak of global pandemic.

This three-day highly important event which took place at the invitation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkiye (GNAT) on 08-10 January 2023, Prof. Mustafa Şentop, the Speaker of GNAT and incumbent President of the APA generously received his participating counterparts from the parliaments of Azerbaijan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan and Yemen, together with several Vice-Speakers and many other parliamentary delegations.

Present at this meeting were representatives of the PABSEC and Arab IPU, as two well-established regional parliamentary organizations. Four other inter-parliamentary assemblies, including Arab Parliaments, International Parliamentarian Congress, NAM Parliamentary Network as well as the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds, had also registered their applications for joining the APA as observers which were duly approved by the 13th Plenary. Sultanate of Oman and Republic of Turkmenistan were two APA observers which attended the meeting.

The 13th Plenary held under the theme” Promoting Multilateralism in the changing global dynamics” as the focus of General Debate provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to express their perspectives and visions from various aspects on this issue of vital importance.

The meeting inaugurated by an encouraging address on the part of H.E. Prof. Mustafa Şentop, followed by an appreciative and much promising remark by H.E. Dr. Mohammad Reza Majidi, in his capacity as APA Secretary General.

Parallel to the 13th Plenary, the four Standing Committees were also convened under the chairmanship of the concerned Vice-President and the participants adopted the related resolutions before each Committee following necessary deliberations and exchange of views on the proposed amendments.

The Executive Council which is an important decision-making organ of the Organization had its meeting the day before the Plenary session.

In another development, the 13th Plenary elected its Vice-Presidents for the new term of presidency (2023-2024) as follows:

  • - Azerbaijan as Vice-President and ex-officio the Chair of the Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs
  • - Bahrain as Vice-President and ex-officio the Chair of the Standing Committee on Economic and Sustainable Development,
  • - Iran as Vice-Presidents and ex-officio the Chair of the Committees on Budget & Planning
  • - Iraq as Vice-President and ex-officio the Chair of the Committee on Political Affairs.

Adoption of Antalya Declaration marked the conclusion of the proceeding of the 13th plenary session.

The Antalya Declaration, in part, underscored the importance of the multi-lateral system in protecting the international law, international humanitarian law and the internationally-agreed rules, agreements and institutions, in addition to maintaining and advancing them.

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  • 18 January 2023
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