Statement of Dr. Mohammad Reza MAJIDI Secretary General of APA at the 11th Plenary Session of APA

29 November 2018
Istanbul, Turkey

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
اصحاب السعادة
معالی السید بینعلی ییلدریم، رئیس الجمعیة الوطنیة الکبری فی ترکیا
معالی الدکتور علی لاریجانی ، رئیس مجلس الشوری الاسلامی فی ایران
معالی السید محمد صادق سنجرانی ، رئیس مجلس الشیوخ فی باکستان
سعادة السیدة اردوغان، رئیسة مجموعه الجمعیه البرلمانیه الاسیویه فی برلمان ترکیا
اصحاب السعاده اعضاالبرلمانات الاسیویه
الضیوف الکرام
سیداتی و سادتی ،

انه لشرف و امتیاز لی ان اخاطب هذا اللقاء الموقر بمناسبة الاجتماع السنوی الحادی عشر للجمعیة العامة فی مدینه اسطنبول الجمیلة و التاریخیة حیث یلتقی الشرق بالغرب .
اسمحوا لی فی البدایة ان اعرب عن امتنانی لجمهوریه ترکیا الشقیقه شعبا و دوله و برلمانا لکرم الضیافه و حسن الاستقبال لنا جمیعا و خاصة لمجموعة الجمعیه البرلمانیه الاسیویه فر برلمان ترکیا لاعمالهم التحضیریه و تعاونهم الخوی مع الامانه العامه.
و إننی علی ثقة من أننا سنشهد، فی ظل رئاستکم الحکیمة، مداولات مثمرة و بناءاً، و سوف نعالج بدقة کل بند من البنود لجدول الأعمال فی اجتماعنا.

Dear Colleagues,
Ever since the last plenary session here in Istanbul, you might have noted from your own experience or based on the report of the 2nd Executive Council just presented to you, that much have been accomplished in APA community through your own dedication and commitments. So many meetings of Standing Committees have been held and hosted in your capitals or other cities of your choice and as a result of substantive discussions and exchange of experiences we have advanced and gained position along our path towards implementation of APA objectives. The details of our collective accomplishments are duely reflected into the body of several resolutions which will be submitted to you tomorrow for your kind considerations and final approval.
Upon your consent, these resolutions will be brought back to the capitals and put at the discretion of national authorities for its eventual implementation. It is my humble aspiration that through collective support and unity of all members of APA community, the positive and constructive outcomes of such endeavours will reach the noble nations of Asian Continent and facilitate their day to day activities in addition to promoting their standard of living.

Dear Parliamentarians,
Having stated the statuesque of our organization, I wish also to embark upon the main theme of the conference as it is decided to be: “ Promoting Economic Prosperity in Asia”
There are multitude of areas of cooperation among Asian countries which will have direct impact on their economic standing and as such should be given high priorities at the decision making level, be it governmental or parliamentary institutions. Take the cooperation in the field of monetary and financial issues. The strong position and influential role of Asian countries in freeing themselves from the financial hegemony dominated by few global powers is to be applauded and welcomed by all. Heavy investments on One Road One Belt project and in industries such as Tourism, Halal industry, etc... can only be advanced further through facilitating legislations and collective efforts of all Asian parliaments.

A glance through provisions of resolutions formulated in the Standing Committee on Economic and Sustainable Development is a testament to the fact that APA has been vigilant and alerted through all its years of activities over the vital and important issues such as:
The environment, Implementation of UN-SDGs, Water resource management, Eradication of Poverty, Energy Resources, Integration of Asia’s Energy Market etc. These and many other topics are high on our countries agendas and the fact that we are dealing with them on constant basis indicates the contribution parliamentary economic diplomacy can have in supporting such measures.
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