Speaker of Iranian Parliament Sends Letter to APA President, Speakers of APA Member Parliaments, and APA Secretary-General Condemning Massacre of Rohingya People in Myanmar

6 September 2017

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                                                                                                                                                     Date: 6 September 2017

Honorable President of Asian Parliamentary Assembly

Honorable Presidents/Speakers of APA Member Parliaments

Honorable APA Secretary-General

Your Excellency,   



          As you are well aware, Myanmar’s military forces have intensified their attacks against Rohingya Muslims in recent weeks killing hundreds of them and forcing tens of thousands to flee to Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the international community has maintained silence regarding the violence and genocide committed in Myanmar. The restrictions adopted by Myanmar's government for international humanitarian bodies' visit to the country have caused further violence and killing and escalated forced migration.

          Historical facts prove that persecuting Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine State dates back to a long time ago. Although some 135 ethnic tribes are recognized in this country, the country's government rejects recognizing the nationality of Myanmar’s Muslims. Unfortunately, up to now, no action has been taken by the international community to stop massacring innocent Muslims in Myanmar and the world is watching Myanmar's men, women and children being killed, tortured, and forced to migrate.

          In line with international standards, the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes an immediate end to any action against Myanmar’s innocent Muslims and calls for active presence of international observers in this country representing countries of the region and the international community. We think that the most effective way to end the crisis in this country is to adopt a political solution based on respect for human and civil rights. In this regard, we demand that effective measures be taken to end massacring innocent Muslims and immediate attention be paid to the critical humanitarian condition in Myanmar.

          In conclusion, while strongly condemning these killings and organized genocide, the Islamic Parliament of Iran expresses its readiness to set up a special committee to help finding a political solution to the crisis and sending immediate humanitarian aid to this country.

          I pray to the Almighty God to grant Your Excellency good health and success.

Ali Larijani

Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran

  • 10 September 2017
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