Speaker of GNAT held phone talks with his Iranian Counterpart

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT), Prof. Mustafa Sentop, held phone talks with Dr. Ali Lariani, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran.
According to the report by Khaneh Mellat News Agency, in this phone call, Prof. Sentop expressed his concern for Dr. Larijani, who is currently suffering from the Contravirus disease and wished him speedy recovery.
“ On behalf of the people of Turkey and myself, I pray to God Almighty to bless you and the people of Iran with good health . I also hope we can defeat this virus outbreak with our collective efforts,” Prof. Sentop stated.
Further, in this telephone conversation, the two Parliament Speakers exchanged views on bilateral cooperation as well as taking joint measures against the Coronavirus pandemic, added the report.

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