Secretary General’s address to the 7th AMF Executive Board

Solidarity and close ties between Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) and Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) serves to better realization of the objectives pursued by the two Organizations, APA Secretary General remarked.

He made this remark at the 7th Executive Board Online Meeting of Asian Mayors Forum held today in Tehran to review urban health and economy in post coronavirus pandemic.

Comparing dire effects of the Spanish flu outbreak with that of the COVID-19 Pandemic, APA Secretary General underlined “Coronavirus crisis is a wake-up call and an opportunity to build better and more sustainable societies and cities, adding that we should take a valuable lesson about the effectiveness of quickly implementing measures to ease its immense devastating health and economic repercussions.”

In another part of his address APA Secretary General said” We may ask ourselves can COVID-19 provide a unique window for a step change in the way we think about cities? Can it be a turning point for urban development worldwide?”

In response, he stated” It is necessary to take lessons from coronavirus Pandemic as an integral part of our efforts for creation of a new kind of urban planning if we are to get rid of the dire consequences of this viral disaster.

In conclusion, he called on the two Organizations to make use of all their available resources to jointly work for introducing the best mechanism and good practices that can mitigate the health and economic plights of the people in order guard against disintegration of the regular structure of health and economy of the citizens.

The Asian Mayors Forum was founded under the Final Declaration unanimously adopted by APA at its second Plenary Meeting held in Tehran in 2007

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  • 22 June 2020
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