Second Meeting of APA's Executive Council in 2017 Held in Istanbul

APA News Desk
Istanbul, Turkey
November 21, 2017

The second meeting of the Executive Council of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) took place with the participation of the speakers and MPs of APA member parliaments in Istanbul, Turkey. At the meeting, the Cambodian Parliament's Speaker presented a report on APA's activities from the previous period to the present. APA's Secretary General expressed some points regarding the organization's activities and thanked the efforts of the Cambodian Parliament to hold various meetings in the two years that it chaired the APA and also expressed gratitude to the Turkish Parliament for accepting the new presidency. He also thanked his hard-working colleagues in APA's permanent secretariat as well as the Turkish parliament's colleagues for providing the best possible forum for the second meeting of the Executive Council and the tenth plenary session, expressing the hope that in the new term, the objectives of the APA and its membership be implemented more than ever.
  • 26 November 2017
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