Representatives of Parliamentary Assemblies attended the 5th Counter Terrorism Coordinating Meeting in Istanbul

The 5th Counter Terrorism Coordinating Meeting of Parliamentary Assemblies was held on (8 May) in Istanbul-Republic of Turkiye, with participation of dozens of representatives from about 20 regional parliamentary assemblies across the world.

This one day event was followed by the 3rd Parliamentary Policy Dialogue on May 09 under the theme” The Protection of Religious Sites, Symbols and Objects” is a valuable initiative undertaken by the UNOCT in partnership with the Shura Council of State of Qatar.

Labelled as “Parliamentary Engagement in Preventing and Countering Terrorism” the main idea behind the initiative is to strengthen parliamentary mechanisms and to boost further support in countering terrorism and terrorist activities in all its forms and manifestations.

Normative framework for the safeguarding religious sites, communities, symbols and object was also among the important agenda items elaborated by the participants as well.

APA Secretary General, Dr. Majidi who was also present at this Conference addressed the first session of the event.

In part of his remarks, Dr. Majidi touched on the APA programs pursued by the APA member parliaments to examine the concerned mechanism based on their conditions and the related region.

He said cultural and economic roots of terrorism has been emphasized at various APA meetings and stressed that cases of injustices constituted the basis for the growth of extremism and terrorism.

He continued Parliaments played a critical role in this respect due to the nature and status of their work as representatives of people and the responsibilities they have before them.

Dr. Majidi also expressed his appreciation of the State of Qatar as one of the active members of the APA for its valuable initiative and its full support for this important program of the UNOTC.

He expressed hope that the outcomes of such meetings and participation of parliaments from different regions of the world representing here will lead to a realistic vision of this issue which threatened human rights, in particular the right to life, and contribute to a common understanding  for joint action.

Dr. Majidi concluded by saying that the meetings as such underlined the key role of parliamentary diplomacy as complementary diplomacy and hoped that the programs of the United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism would duly benefit from this potential capacity.
  • 11 May 2024
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