Message of the APA Secretary General on the occasion of Nowruz

On the eve of the traditional Festival of Spring, marking turn of the year, APA Secretary General sent a message of felicitation to all the APA Member Parliaments celebrating this fascinating tradition

The message reads as follows:

On the threshold of Nowruz marking the season of new beginnings in harmony with the rebirth of the nature, I have the honor to extend my most heartfelt felicitation to Your Excellency and all other lovers of human civilization, culture, literature and ethics. In fact this traditional event reminisce pride and grandeur of the earliest human civilizations in the past millennia.

It is due to the highly significant role of this festivity that the United Nations has recognized this traditionally symbolic occasion, which is closely intertwined with the cultural and ancient customs of our civilizations and the interchanges of human values as the vernal equinox. Accordingly, the UN adopted by consensus a Resolution, recognizing March 21 as the International Day of Nowruz. Similarly, the UNESCO has also symbolized this event as the great feature of cultural and intellectual heritage.

As a vivid representation of cultural heritage, Nowruz is considered the feast of the beginning of spring inseparably linked with the natural cycles of renewal and the splendid manifestation of the natural sources of human life; an encouraging process that is hoped to be accompanied with a change of hearts and outgrowth of human spirituality. Out of such evolution, we shall also hope to witness the New Year to be the year full of love and affinity under the rule of freedom and justice for all humankind weary of injustices and tyrannies of the old and new imperialists.

Once again, I avail myself of this opportunity to felicitate your Excellency this fascinating event, in my capacity as the APA Secretary General.

May God Almighty bless you with great rejoicings of this glorious event and wish you all the best for a new year full of spiritually, health and prosperity.

Best Regards

Mohammad Reza Majidi
Secretary General


  • 19 March 2019
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