Lebanese Parliament Issues Statement Regarding US Decision on Holy Jerusalem

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Beirut, Lebanon
8 December 2017
Following its session on the 8 December 2017 to discuss the US decision to recognize Holy Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US embassy to that city, the Lebanese National Assembly  issued the following statement:

Recommendation of the Lebanese National Assembly
The Lebanese National Assembly, following its session on the 8th of December 2017 to discuss the US decision concerning Holy Jerusalem, considers that the decision to move the US embassy and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel leads to wars, threatens the regional and international peace and security and constitutes a cover for the Israeli occupation, aggression, settlement activities and violations of international and humanitarian laws.
The decision also enhances the aggressive intentions aiming at the Israelization and Judaization of Palestine. The resulting repercussions would lead to the implementation of the resettlement projects, dissolve the Palestinian people, and abolish the Palestinian cause in order to pave the way for reshaping the political geography in the Arab region.
The Lebanese National Assembly condemns and denounces this decision and affirms that establishing and building a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East starts from confirming the aspirations and rights of the Palestinian people; namely the rights of return and self-determination, to establish an independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital and implement the international resolutions of the Security Council regarding the Arab territories.
The Assembly affirms:
1- The right of the Palestinian people to resist and struggle in order to get rid of the Israeli occupation and obtain all its rights, namely the right to return and establish an independent State with Jerusalem as its capital.
2- The strong rejection of the position of the US administration regarding the closure of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington.
3- The condemnation of the decision of the Israeli occupation to continue its colonial settlement policy in the territories of the occupied state of Palestine.
4- The release of the abducted and detained Palestinian parliamentarians in the occupation prisons or those who are administratively arrested. This requires a deterrent punitive position by the parliaments and the regional and international parliamentary organizations, namely the Inter- Parliamentary Union.
5- The Support to the Palestinian national reconciliation through the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and directing all efforts to complete the independence process that will bring about the return of the refugees to their homes and the establishment of an independent and sovereign state.
6- Steering of all Arab and regional efforts to set all capacities so that the Palestinians attain their rights and avoid all other conflicts.
7- Convey this recommendation to the US administration on behalf of the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government and to members of the Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly, and consider it an official document on behalf of the Lebanese people.

Beirut 8/12/2017
Nabih Berry
President of the Lebanese National Assembly

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