Iranian Parliament Speaker’s call to condemn annexation of the Occupied West Bank

In an official letter addressed to the Secretary General of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf expressed his deep concern over the Israeli regime’s hostile measures aimed at annexation of parts of the West Bank, calling this inhumane plan inconsistent with the letter and spirit of all the relevant international instruments.

In his message, Qalibaf also added” Contrary to all the UN resolutions, the Quds Occupying Regime is continuing its expansionist policies at a time when the world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In another part of his letter, Parliament Speaker reiterated” Continued occupation of Palestine and trampling upon the rights of this nation are primary cause
of escalation of tensions and a chronic threat to regional and international peace and security “.

” Despite widespread oppositions at regional and international forums against Zionist regime’s inhumane and expansionist policies , this regime has continued its unlawful policies in defiance of all the UNSC resolutions and that of other related organizations,” Parliament Speaker remarked
Qalibaf strongly condemned hostile and expansionist policies of the Zionist Regime and called on all the international and parliamentary organizations to get united and take practical action s for prompt halting of the inhumane policies of the occupation regime of Israel in compliance with the objectives envisaged in the UN Charter.

“ Islamic Parliament of Iran strongly reaffirm adoption of appropriate positions against trampling of the historical rights of the oppressed people of Palestine and strongly defend any measures needed for restoration of the denied rights of the people of Palestine. “Qlibaf underlined.

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  • 06 July 2020
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