Head of the APA Parliamentary Group of Iran Congratulates the 14th APA Anniversary

In a message addressed to the Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), Dr. Passha’ee , Head of the APA Parliamentary Group in the Islamic Parliament of Iran congratulated the 14th APA anniversary.
In part of her message, Ms. Pasha’ee remarked “ On behalf of myself  and all the members of the APA Parliamentary Group in the Islamic Parliament of Iran, I would like to extend my most sincere congratulations to Your Excellency and your distinguished colleagues  on the occasion of the founding anniversary  of the august parliamentary body in the ancient Asian Continent.”  
In another part of her message, Head of the APA Group of Iran referred to Asia as the most resourceful continent, which can play a vital role in the global equations and further convergence among Asian countries. 
Such capabilities can pave a suitable bedrock for promoting synergy and cooperation among APA member parliaments, added Ms. Pasha’ee.
The APA Parliamentary Group of the Islamic Parliament of Iran also expressed hopes that  closer cooperation of member parliaments with the APA Secretariat will definitely sever as the best practical strategy for realization of the objectives of the APA regional parliamentary organization in the coming years.
  • 23 November 2020
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