Expert Meeting on "Environmental Education for Youth" held in Tehran

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2 November 2017

The Secretariat of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) convened an Expert meeting on "environmental education for the youth" at its headquarters here in Tehran, I.R. Iran, on 1 November 2017. The APA organized this meeting in cooperation with the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO and the Iranian Association for Cooperation with UNESCO (IACU).
At the beginning of the meeting, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Reza Majidi, APA's Secretary General, welcomed the participants and presented his viewpoints on the topic of the meeting. Then the following keynote speakers offered their ideas on the same:

1. Ms. Mary Anne Therese Manuson, representative of Ms Esther Kuisch Laroche, Director of UNESCO's Tehran Cluster Office.
2. Dr. Sheida Mahnam, Manager of Social Sciences and Humanities Group, Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.
3. H.E. Dr. Ali Khorram, APA's Deputy Secretary General.
4. Dr. Veisi, consultant to the Department of Environment of the I.R. Iran and Education Director of the Environment Faculty of Shahid Beheshti University.
5. Dr. Akrami, representative of Ministry of Health & Medical Education of I.R. Iran and member of the National Committee on Bio Ethics and Ethics in Science and Technology, Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.
6. Dr. Habibi, President of the Youth Organization of the Red Crescent Society of I.R. Iran.
7. Dr. Sedqi, Director of Education Dept. of UNESCO's Chair for Natural Disasters.
8. Dr. Nazari, Faculty Member of Sharif Industrial University and Managing Director of Sina Health Development High Tech Co.
9. Dr. Modabber, representative of the Cultural Deputy's Office, Ministry of Sport & Youth of I.R. Iran.
10. Dr. Qadimi, Director of Creativity & Innovation Office of UNESCO's Creative City Network (Rasht), and Rasht's Municipality.

Representatives of Pakistani and Australian Embassies were among the participants.

See the meeting' photos here.

See the meeting's videos here.

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