Election for Afghanistan Parliament

Parliamentary elections were scheduled to be held in Afghanistan on 15 October 2016, to elect members of the House of the People, but were postponed to 7 July 2018 and then again to 20 October 2018. Much of the prelude to the election has focused on the debate over reforming Afghanistan's electoral laws. The current system is one of single non-transferable vote.
One of the major issues in need of reform has been voter registration. Afghan voters are currently not limited to voting in particular areas, meaning that they can use their 2001-issued voting cards in any polling station. Simultaneously there have been 3 major registrations since 2001, resulting in a total of 20 million election cards being distributed. In contrast, Afghanistan only has an estimated 12 million voters. Introducing an electronic identity system is a difficult process.
The upcoming parliamentary election in Afghanistan on 7 July 2018 will be observed by many at a time when the country needs regional as well as global attention and assistant in addressing its national issues.

  • 23 May 2018
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