Cables of congratulation by APA Secretary General on the arrival of Nowruz

On the arrival of the New Year Festival, Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly ( APA) sent cables of congratulation to the Parliament Speakers of APA member countries who celebrate Nowruz as well as to their ambassadors based in Tehran.

The APA Secretary General’s message partly reads as follows:
“Nowruz symbolizes an ancient civilization with thriving richness and sophistication that still reinvigorate our life after many centuries. This festivity is considered as manifestation of steadfastness and strength of our glorious history and culture”.

Noting that nearly one third of APA Member countries celebrate this traditional event, it is a remarkable opportunity for the Asian Parliamentary Assembly to make every efforts to give a parliamentary dimension to this cultural heritage in the follow-ups to the UN initiative recognizing 21 March as the” International Day of Nowruz.

APA Secretary General concludes his message by expressing best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.
  • 18 March 2020
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