APA held its Usual Coordination Meeting alongside the 143rd IPU Assembly

At the invitation of the APA Secretariat, the Coordination Meeting of the APA was held on Friday, 26 November 2021 alongside the 143rd IPU Assembly in Madrid with participation of delegations from several APA Member Parliaments.

Organized by the APA Secretariat, the meeting was chaired by Prof. Mustafa Şentop, the Speaker of GNAT and in his capacity as APA President.

The meeting started with a welcome remark by the APA President followed by his statement on the prevailing international situation which needs concerted efforts of all in the in the fight against challenges facing human society.

Prof. Şentop continued his statement and concluded by declaring that Turkey will hold the APA first Executive Council and the Plenary in early January this year.

In another development, the APA Secretary General addressed the meeting with a welcome remarks and presented a report on the activities of the APA Secretariat since emergence of the novel virus crisis late 2019.


On consideration of the emergency items proposed to the IPU within the statutory deadline, the Meeting had before it four items submitted on such issues as “Combat against structural Causes of immigration” by Mexico, the Issue of Palestine by Indonesia, human trafficking by a group of western countries and continued parliamentary activities during Pandemics by the Russian Federation.

In addition to the four proposals registered with the IPU Secretariat within the statutory time limit, the following item was also raised by the IPU Delegation of Turkey as a new proposal for emergency item:

This new proposal entitled: Joint Approach by Parliaments to Combat Fake News, Hate Speech, Disinformation, and their Negative Impacts on Freedoms/Laws caused by the commercial strategies of multi-national social media corporations that do not recognize national legislations.

The meeting concluded its work after hearing the viewpoints of the participants on the mentioned items, but could not reach any decision as sponsors of the two proposals (Indonesia and Russian Federation) were not present at the meeting.

Finally the meeting left taking any decision on the emergency items to the related IPU Meetings.  


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