APA Wrapped up its First Regular Committee Meeting in Virtual Format

APA Standing Committee Meeting on Economic Affairs and Sustainable Development ended its work today according to a preplanned timeline of its meeting provided by the APA Secretariat for 2021.
Delegations of 20 APA Member Parliaments were present at this meeting, which was held in virtual format at the invitation of the Parliamentary Group of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
This first virtual event chaired by H.E. Mr. Ahmed Alsalloom, Vice-President of the APA is part of the APA regular programs envisaged by the APA Permanent Secretariat under the Special Rules of Procedure adopted by the APA Bureau in Ankara last year following the outbreak of global pandemic.
At this one -day virtual session held on Thursday (May 20,2021) participants discussed draft resolutions:
   - Establishment of an Integrated Asian Energy Market,
   - Environmental Issues,
   - Financial Affairs Ensuring Efforts for Economic Growth,
   - Poverty Eradication,
   - Water and Sanitation in Asia for All,
   - The Role of APA Parliaments in Supporting Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals,
   - Adopting a Road Map Providing for Measures to stimulate green finance.
   - The Asian Climate Financial Initiative
Delegations of Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, India, Bahrain and Turkey representing their member parliaments proposed some amendments to the draft resolutions. There was consensual agreement on a good number of proposed amendments. However, participants also agreed to defer deliberations on some other controversial amendments to the next meeting of the Committee.
  • 20 May 2021
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