APA Secretary General’s Congratulatory Messages on the Birth Anniversary of the Holy Prophet

In separate messages addressed to the Parliament Speakers and Heads of the Tehran-based Diplomatic Missions of the APA Muslim Countries, APA Secretary General congratulated the blessed birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH).
In his message to the Parliament Speakers, APA Secretary General stated:
“This occasion which is known as the Day of spiritual significance in Islam marks the splendid birth anniversary of the last divine Prophet who is characterized for His lofty features as a symbol of honesty and truthfulness in the whole history of human being.”
In another part of his message, Dr. Majidi underlined the global challenges facing humanity and stated”
In fact, the Humanity which is in grip of the pressing global problems is really in need of the values represented by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for His sublime character and a shining example whose message transcended the ages as preacher of unity and brotherhood” .
In his message to the Heads of Tehran-based Diplomatic Missions , Dr. Majidi congratulated this blessed occasion and remarked “Indeed, the glorious festive of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) reminds us of the highly invaluable legacy of honesty, truthfulness, peace, love and fraternity that He brought for the whole humanity as the last divine Prophet”.

  • 20 October 2021
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