APA Secretary General’s Congratulatory Message on the Arrival of Nowruz

Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Secretary General, Dr. Majidi cabled separate messages of congratulation to APA President, Prof. Mustafa Sentop, Parliament Speakers of APA member countries and to their Tehran -based Ambassadors, who celebrate Nowruz as a traditional festival.
In his message to the APA Parliament Speakers, Dr. Majidi expressed his best wishes on the occasion of the historic festival of Nowruz as a traditional common heritage and a symbol of hope, moderation, peace, solidarity and liveliness that Almighty has granted to human kind.
In part of his message, APA Secretary General stated “ Despite our customary expectations in the hope of a happy new year, this Nowruz rituals as the last one continues to experience bitter shadow of global pandemic and for many this festive occasion comes at a time of sadness and anxiety.
Dr. Majidi added “In fact the beauties of this season have changed its face with sorrow and grief of people who have lost their beloved ones as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19 virus.”
In another part of his message Dr. Majidi expressed his deepest sympathy with the family of all those dedicated healthcare staff and many others who lost their lives in the forefront of the fight against global pandemic”.
APA Secretary General concluded his message wishing happiness and prosperity for Parliament Speakers, legislators and people of all the countries who mark Nowruz as the beginning of a remarkable era of success and jubilation for lively and prosperous days ahead.
Meanwhile, in his separate congratulatory messages to Tehran-based Ambassadors of the APA Member countries who celebrate Nowruz , Dr. Majidi wished a happy and prosperous new year for the Heads of the concerned diplomatic missions.
  • 15 March 2021
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