APA Secretary General’s Address in the 143rd IPU Assembly

APA Secretary General, Dr. Majidi who is in Madrid at the invitation of the IPU to attend the 143rd IPU Assembly delivered a speech on general debate. In his address which was focused on”

“Contemporary Challenges to Democracy: Overcoming division and building community”

APA Secretary General stated that the theme of general debate is a multifaceted issue which calls to be addressed in an all-inclusive manner.

He continued since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic , the role of government in public health has come to the forefront of the national convention, adding that sound public health policy will be as respectful as possible of civil liberties.

He concluded by saying a lesson is to be learned from this virus crisis, the crisis that should be perceived as a wakeup call for all the stakeholders, particularly governments and parliaments to sit together at the same table and agree on same protocols in order to reach a common point of view.

Asian Parliamentary Organization as regional parliamentary body regularly attend the IPU Conferences as well as other regional and international events as observer.


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  • 30 November 2021
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