APA Secretary General congratulates re-election of the Turkish Parliament Speaker

Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) cabled a message of congratulation to Prof. Mustafa Sentop for his re-election as Speaker of the Turkish Parliament.
In his message, Dr. Majidi touched on the importance of regional parliamentary assemblies in the international community.
“Regional parliamentary assemblies have greatly contributed to the regional economic and political integration in the process of their development”, he remarked.
Majidi, also referred to the vital role of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly since its creation and hailed the leading role of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in furthering the objectives of the Organization.
“APA Secretariat is ready to do its utmost to carry out the assigned missions as before, particularly at this critical situation when the world is facing with the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic”, Dr. Majdi added.
  • 11 July 2020
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