APA Secretariat visit to Iraqi Council of Representatives

Upon the invitation of Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR), a senior expert delegation from APA Secretariat visited Baghdad on 24-26 July 2019 and held several coordination meetings with Iraqi officials in charge of hosting the upcoming meeting of Standing Committee on Budget and Planning ( 3-5 September 2019).
Both sides were in full conformity on the importance of the Budget and Planning meeting for the future activities of APA and thus reiterated their sincere desire and commitments to do their utmost efforts to make it a success.
CoR of Iraq re-assured APA Secretariat to recruit all required human, financial and administrative resources to fulfil its commitments as the APA vice president in charge of the Standing Committee on Budget and Planning.
The APA Secretariat sincerely welcomed this timely initiative by CoR of Iraq to arrange a coordinating meeting in Baghdad and expressed its resolved and readiness to offer its expertise in any possible way to ensure smooth conduct of the meeting and full compliance with APA Rules and Regulations.
  • 28 July 2019
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