APA Coordination Meeting had been held at the sideline of 138th IPU Assembly at 24 March 2018 in Geneva- Switzerland

APA held a Coordination Meeting on 24 March 2018 at the side of the 138th IPU Assembly in Geneva–Switzerland. Mr. Ismail Kahraman, the President of the Asian Parliament Assembly (the speaker of the Turkey Parliament) chaired the meeting.
The chairperson welcomed the delegates and made an opening statement, highlighted the APA priorities related to the immigrants and refugees and briefed them on the agenda items.
The Secretary-General, Dr. Mohamad Reza Majidi, reported to the meeting and highlighted the APA major activities in 2017 and APA agenda for 2018 related to the organizing the future sessions for APA Standing Committees and also briefly referred to other activities of APA Secretariat.
The participants had exchanged views on the items proposed to IPU for inclusion in the agenda of 138th Assembly and The Chairperson requested participants to exchanged views on the Emergency Items that had been proposed and submitted in the agenda of the 138th Assembly of the IPU related to the inviolability of the historic and legal status of the city of Jerusalem and also the Palestinian right to Jerusalem, return to the relevant international charters and united nations resolutions.
Regards to all participants approval, it was decided to request APA Member Parliaments to support the Emergency Items proposed members of APA and the combination of them had been approved.
The Chairman and the Secretary-General expressed appreciation to all delegations that attended the meeting and contributed to the discussion and invite all member parliaments to have active involvement in future standing committee’s sessions.
  • 27 March 2018
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