142nd IPU Virtual Assembly ended its work with a fruitful outcome document

IPU experienced its first successful innovative virtual work, holding the 142nd IPU Assembly and all its related meetings in virtual format. It was for the first time that IPU convenes one of its statutory meetings which encompass a large number of various committee and working group sessions virtually.

A cursory glance at the 142nd IPU Assembly

Challenges emerged in the aftermath of Covid-19 call for smart solutions as the pivotal point in order to be able to pursue the objectives introduced under the agenda of parliamentary democracy. This unfolding tragedy calls on parliamentarians, international and regional parliamentary bodies to redouble their efforts in order to efficiently address the key issues and adoption of different approaches conducive to the current situation.

Under such circumstances, the degree of our responsiveness and adaptability will determine to what extent we are apt to cope with this global pandemic which is expected to be lingering over the whole globe for years.

It was under such critical circumstances that the IPU, known as Global Organization of Parliaments, took a courageously innovative decision to hold such a significantly important assembly in virtual format as its first experience in an extremely unexpected magnitude. As it was duly predicted, IPU could bring to an end its first virtual experience of holding 142nd IPU Assembly and the related meetings successfully with a highly fruitful outcome document.

According to an IPU Press Release entitled” IPU convenes hundreds of MPs in global virtual parliamentary assembly”, over 1000 parliamentarians and experts from 135 countries connected this week to concluding sessions of the 142nd IPU Assembly, held online for the first time.

Under the umbrella theme of

“Overcoming the pandemic today and building a better tomorrow: the role of parliaments”

MPs identified what parliamentary strategies were necessary to save lives by speeding up the equitable distribution of vaccinations and to rebuild more sustainable and inclusive economies.

IPU President, Mr. Duarte Pacheco, said: “We must seize the momentum created by this unique IPU Assembly to ensure parliaments contribute to rethinking the foundations of the pre-pandemic world and pave the way for a post-pandemic world that is equitable, green and fair. A reinvigoration of our global multilateral system is one way to do this, but we must also continue to build strong and democratic national parliaments that deliver for the people.”

IPU Secretary General, Mr. Martin Chungong, said: “Despite the lockdowns and restrictions on international travel over the past year, the IPU has remained open for business by finding new ways, including digital transformation, to continue providing a platform for parliamentarians from all over the world to interact, albeit virtually. This virtual Assembly reasserts the IPU’s role as the premier global body for parliamentary dialogue.”

Among a good number of MPs and Parliamentary Organizations who presented their perspectives on the issue under deliberation, Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary  Assembly, ( an Observer Member Organization), Dr. Mohammad Reza Majidi, also shared his views through a written statement submitted to the IPU Secretariat.

Please click here to download the list of written statements together with the complete text of the APA Secretary General’s speech.

  • 29 May 2021
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