Permanent Secretariat

Permanent and Provisional Secretariat

The Headquarters of the APA Permanent Secretariat shall be at Tehran. The Plenary shall decide on the relevant budgetary and personnel. Issues for the Permanent Secretariat by the year 2011.
The President of the APA shall organize a Provisional Secretariat in the host country to convene the Executive Council and the Plenary.
The Permanent Secretariat, headed by a Secretary-General shall assist the President and the Provisional Secretariat in directing the work of the Executive Council and the Plenary.
The Secretary-General or his representative may at any time, at the request of the President, submit to the plenary advice on any question which the meeting has under consideration.
The Permanent Secretariat shall receive all documents, reports and draft resolutions and distribute them, together with the summary records of the sittings in the working language of the APA and in Arabic.
The Permanent Secretariat of the Plenary shall ensure the adequacy of the technical facilities for simultaneous English and Arabic translation and for delegates wishing to speak in their own language and provide their own simultaneous English interpreters.
The Provisional Secretariat shall ensure, in coordination with the Permanent Secretariat, those adequate facilities for the convenience of the Delegates and smooth fulfillments of their obligations are available in the Host Country.
The Permanent Secretariat of the APA shall preserve the documents of the Executive Council and the Plenary in its archives. The Permanent Secretariat shall follow up on the implementation of the decisions of the plenary and, in general, carry out all the tasks, which the Plenary may think fit to entrust to it.
The Permanent Secretariat shall publish documents of the Plenary and distribute them among Member Parliaments and Observers Upon recommendation of the Executive Council and approval of the Plenary, the Secretary-General shall be elected for a four-year term from among prominent figures in various sub-regions of Asia.